Stream-chrome Extension

1. click the link to download stream-chrome.zip
2. extract it, you will get stream_chrome folder.
3. To load the extension in Chrome, open up chrome://extensions/ in your google chrome browser and click “Developer mode” in the top right. Now click “Load unpacked extension…” and select the stream_chrome folder path. You should now see the extension in the list.
reload the Episode, video should work now.

Using this method video won’t break anymore and you can download the video.

For those who can’t open or extract stream_chrome.zip file. First create a folder or directory named stream_chrome.
then download the following files and put them in the folder.
1. manifest.json
2. background.js
3. axios.min.js
4. stream.js
5. icon.png
Then repeat the 3rd point in the first method.
write in the comment section if you face any problems.

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