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Episode TitleEpisode 12 Engsub

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  1. ant says:

    the young police is smart, with high IQ and SQ. the old police is just heartless and what he think is only to catch her. do he really cant think? is he really that dumb? his existence itself is annoying

    • DyingtobeinKorea says:

      and he’s pretty good looking too!!! :P

      • paradox.of.fate says:

        Hello Chingu!! Feeling better today, but didn’t get a lot accomplished even running errands all day. It’s ok though, listened to my ost’s and some of my fave music from kpop artist all day. Kept me in a great mood. :D

    • paradox.of.fate says:

      Agreed! It’s become a mission for him, not even taking account all the circumstances like the young cop has. The young one actually considers all of the issues and knows the child is better off.

      • DyingtobeinKorea says:

        and he’s good looking too :P LOL

      • Carla Mitkay Jhashen says:

        She should’ve have gotten a verbal consent from the child in front of child services where she confesses of being abused but she did nothing wrong really. She just wants to give a child a better life because she knows how it feels like to be abandoned by your own mother how being abused can be cruel.

    • Jane Barmani says:


  2. DyingtobeinKorea says:

    COWARD!!!!!!!!!! YOU FUCKING COWARD!!!!!! I had hoped he’s get a super long prison sentence in a deep dark hole but…..

  3. paradox.of.fate says:

    Why wont the other teacher who has all the evidence of the abuse come forward? The beginning had me in tears, then I was holding my breath the whole time they were at the orphanage then cheering the monks on! Then the preview blew me away! omg Can’t wait a week!

    • DyingtobeinKorea says:

      She’s done all she can with the evidence that was given to her. She gave everything to the cops, that’s how they brought that bitch in the first place but she denounced all the charges.
      The teacher didn’t or doesn’t know that Soojin took the kid, well she does now

      • paradox.of.fate says:

        I figured she is going to have to get caught before the end just so they wont have to run the rest of their lives. Maybe that’s what it’s going to take for everyone to realize she saved that child’s life on numerous occasions and finally leave them the hell alone!! ARGH!!

        • DyingtobeinKorea says:

          Or that bitch from hell who used her womb as an incubator for 9 months just to beat the child up will finally tell the cops that she told Soojin she could keep he kid

  4. DyingtobeinKorea says:

    Wow, daylight came super fast driving up that driveway which probably takes 30 mins by foot to reach the top? C’mon writers sheesh

  5. 매디 says:

    That police officer is really pissing me off can’t he look at the case a little bit more emotionally instead being a flipping robot
    Also if I had a child like Hye Na I would treat her like my life’s treasure I honestly can’t understand how someone can treat their own flesh and blood like that
    Also that flipping younger sister of SJ is such an greedy birch that would rather save 500k than a living breathing child and she has the audacity to be a mother tsk tsk

  6. Innerpeace says:

    Exactly, my thought too, they should let her go with the kid. It makes no sense to catch her. Yoon bok will be the one to suffer.

  7. drama lover says:

    I had to watch from ep 8 to 12 was super busy with study i have a lot to Say
    That mother is a piece of Work realy she just keeps hurting hye na again and again
    Glad the bf died they showed his past wich made me understand his caracter but i couldn’t understand his action
    So jin is great exemple of being a mother who Rise and not who give birth
    Glad a lot of pp helping her
    I hope that police officer start to open up his mind and think better like what will happen to hye n’a the police only care about solving cases and not the After math
    But actually it is the tryth ahh i just hope this have a happy ending

  8. noona park says:

    Everybody protecting the child and mother but the police wanted to catch them.. The policeman wanted to go up his rank and be recognize.