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  1. DyingtobeinKorea says:

    So sad, this is the last episode of the show! Bravo to the actors/actress’!!! Fantastic performances by Heo Yool, extremely talented little 8 year old! Going to miss Lee Hyeyoung, she is the epitome of what acting is. Brava!!!!

  2. tsinoy says:

    I will watch this when no one is around. lol

  3. mary kann says:

    This was the perfect drama. Seriously i think the best acted drama i have ever watched (in any language)

  4. mary kann says:

    While the backdrop is child abuse/domestic violence, i think what makes it so memorable is that it explores the meaning of being a mother/father and the different kinds of mother/daughter and even father/daughter relationships. You will keep thinking about it after you watch it.

  5. DyingtobeinKorea says:

    “Mother” Nominated For 1st Cannes International Series Festival
    The one and only Asian movie to get nominated !!!!
    Full article:

    “Mother” is about a teacher who decides to run away with one of her eight-year-old students who is being abused at home, and becomes her mother.

    On March 13, Alvin Lewi, a representative from the CANNESERIES, Cannes International Series Festival welcomed the drama’s nomination for the CANNESERIES Official Competition category of the festival. He stated, “Only 10 series from nine countries were selected for the official competition category. I’m very pleased that ‘Mother’ was selected to represent Asia.”

    The Cannes International Series Festival is hosted by MIPTV (Marché International des Programmes de Télévision), and will be their main event in 2018. This year is the festival’s first year, and will run from April 4 to 11 in Cannes, France. Out of 130 contenders from around the globe, only 10 were selected for the official competition category. The 10 selected series will be screened at the Auditorium Lumière from April 7 to 11. “Mother” will be screened at April 9 at 12 p.m. CET.

    Other categories besides the Official Competition category, are Best Music, Best Screenplay, Special Performance Prize, Best Performance, and Best Series. The winners will be announced and presented awards at the ceremony, which will be held on April 11. Director Kim Chul Kyu, writer Jung Seo Kyung, Lee Bo Young, and Heo Yool are reportedly attending the ceremony. Though writer Jung Seo Kyung has previously attended a Cannes event for her film “Handmaiden,” this will be her first time attending for a drama.

    Director of Studio Dragon (the production company behind “Mother”), Park Ji Young stated, “We’re very glad that ‘Mother’ is being acknowledged. Currently the reality of child abuse is much worse in society than shown in the drama. ‘Mother’ is a story about mothers, and about family. I think that the fact that the drama is airing now is good timing. I’d like to thank the actors, director Kim Chul Kyu, and writer Jung Seo Kyung for working hard to make ‘Mother’ shine.”

    credit Soompi

    • paradox.of.fate says:

      Thank you for keeping us informed on acknowledging this worthy series!!
      Hope it moves their heart and soul as it did all of us…

  6. tsinoy says:

    This is one of the best Korean drama series I watched after the Korean Female Curling Team’s Olympic silver Medal. :D

    Yup Korean curling was full of drama and some crying involved. hehehe

  7. JadedForeignDramasAngel says:

    I’m sooo glad this one is over!! It tore at my heart like no other!

    This was such a wonderfully scripted and acted drama…it should win in all categories that it is nominated for. The young actress ‘Yoon Bok’ is amazing and made her character come alive..the actress who played the famous actress..OMG such a beautiful talent!

    The entire cast was stellar…Loved this one…recommend it to those who can stand a DEEP story …I do NOT however recommend a binge marathon…not unless you want your heart torn out of your chest…

  8. FreeSpirit says:

    Beautiful beautiful drama TT 10/10

  9. CHIMx2 says:

    This was a beautiful drama, it showed how relationships makes a family and not blood. it was so beautiful i cried😭❤️❤️❤️💖

  10. debz94 says:

    this drama emotionally drained me wow. kudos to everyone in this drama. i love how I cried during each episodes but the last episode i cried with joy. such an amazing drama

  11. paradox.of.fate says:

    Beautiful…Even though I cried every episode the story of unconditional love, family, support and loving soul that was Yoon Bok’s character moved my heart and soul. The cast, writing, cinematography…everything exceptional. Kudos!!
    So happy to hear this is heading to Cannes, here’s hoping they sweep the awards!! Standing ovation, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!

  12. Mr Brad says:

    This Drama makes all the lousy ones go away…..Wonderful writing, acting and nothing was overdone. Deserves all the praise it will get. Also touches a really big issue around the world.

  13. simi says:

    Probably one of the best k-drama’s i’ve seen… it was simple but very moving, makes u think a lot about things u wouldn’t usually. And the cast were all phenomenal, they all portrayed the emotions and feelings of their characters so so well

  14. Poe. J says:

    This was a wonderful show. The scene where Yoon Bok finally reunited with everyone when they were blowing bubbles and when they ate together had me in tears..tears of joy that this child who was once treated miserably can finally be happy 😢👏