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  1. Meaks says:

    So she’s mad he did his job? You knew the cause of death was not assault. Do you job right and find out how she got that drug cocktail. I’m not gonna lie, as she as she walked in that crime scene and started touching everything I cringed. I watch way too many crime shows that even I know the rules.

  2. dori!! says:


  3. alvin julien says:

    just the 2nd ep and the lead girl already did a lot of annoying things. flipping the dead body, ruining the crime scene, arresting someone with solid alibi and believing whatever she wants. the plot is actually interesting but she’s just too ridiculous. wish her character improve in future episodes, esp since this drama has so many potential.

    • Tracy Smith says:

      the irony is that she said she loves watching american crime dramas lol so she should know not to touch anything at a crimescene . I think the writers only wanted to portrait her as someone who doesn’t want to follow rules

  4. paradox.of.fate says:

    Was it just me who was gagging at all the squishy sounds which seemed to be over amplified while he ate his lunch? OMG!! Brrrrtttt. lol

  5. paradox.of.fate says:

    Couldn’t believe the next scene was a courtroom. All she had was a witness for abuse? Wth? Guess they’ve had too many detailed court cases in previous dramas as to why I’m in shock with the lack of evidence in this one? I’m sure it will get better…right? lol

    • Tracy Smith says:

      My guess is that the boss is a criminal and picked her to mess things up but she will get help from her amazing team . I am somehow don’t want to buy it that she is naiv. But maybe they wanted to start this way to show her developement her schoolmate said she was the smartest so it doesn’t make sense to make her do silly things

      • paradox.of.fate says:

        Yep, that’s why I was smh on this ep. I’m sure she will tighten up with each new case. Fingers crossed.

  6. kjk says:

    I’m sorry but the editing sucks.

  7. Tracy Smith says:

    how does it make sense . She checked herself that the pill was misused and didn’t do any further investigation? I assume that she proves it was murder with the picture of her feet

  8. Sugamasta says:

    She was a top student they said lmao well I didn’t know that top students can be this dumb it’s obvious that the assault isn’t the reason of her death but the drugs she took, so the question here did she take the drugs knowing that it can kill her which can be considered as suicide or her husband mixed her drugs to kill her without making it obvious since she already has a mental illness history and ofc everyone will assume that she killed herself?!

  9. Sylv Blak says:

    Ew, why is the forensics guy living such a pathetic life, sleeping on the “corpses table” eating and washing from the office? Is that supposed to demonstrate how hard he works?

  10. kez says:

    I personally don’t think the prosecutor is naive but was it really necessary to make her character that emotional, it comes across as awkward also knowing the type of characters this actress has had in the past.

  11. Iwan Ridwan says:

    it is like japan series unnatural, only in japan version the woman is also forensic and more pretty hehehe

  12. Myrna Murphy says:

    Not an expert but she failed all she learned. She just contaminated evidence!!!! Her boss is corrupt but he in a surprise when she gets to really do the job!!! Didn ‘t know they let a suspect eat so much been under custody!!