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Korean Drama Switch Ep 2 With English Subtitles Download and Watch Online .

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  1. Ronald Harrington says:

    I’m not sure, but I think the 168 IQ may be a little exaggerated. ….

    • Tracy Smith says:

      Bill Gates suppose to have an IQ of 160 the highest as of right now is 228 but this woman didn’t do anything groundbreaking. 130 is more of the avarage Genuis who is slidely smarter than the avarage but not super intelligent

    • Grey Apple says:

      Welcome to K-dramaland!!!

  2. drama lover says:

    Wow i did thought maybe he’ll trick her but didn’t expect him to do it

    • Tracy Smith says:

      she was toooo careless. I wouldn’t bring him to the real one when you know others are after him. He will have to return to her since he will be in danger. They didn’t think it through by acting as the pro. the murderers would know he is alive

      • drama lover says:

        Exactly she was in rush to get the evidance and catch who is responsable for her senior accident but i think what happened make the drama more fun

        • Tracy Smith says:

          of course they create DRAMA lol otherwise it wouldn’t be called a Drama . Something has to go wrong . The only thing bothering me is that the box was the same I mean unless there is a standard box how would he know what kind of box he was talking about . and the more people you let know the more dangerous it gets. I mean even when they are not really smart the thugs would wonder why they had to call him fake Prosecutor and then see the pic of the death prosecutor on the news when he actually dies . he was on TV at least once . he is a criminal you should expect that he can flip for money

          • shaco sleepwalker says:

            They got a photo of the box they saw it on the car the man under the bridge gave it to him
            So he knew and we all knew the box before he enage his plan..

          • Tracy Smith says:

            ok missed the photo part. of course we knew the viewers often see more . Its still strange it was producer stuff so they could film more aka film the opening lol but even if he saw the box its like running around to find the same box . I love the actors its fun they are charming but the story has flaws for someone with an IQ of 168 there was nothing spectacular about this tactic . I would be more curious about if there were 2 truck drivers this truck behind him was pretty annoying . isn’t it actually illegal to make this lightsign to force somebody to drive faster , he was pretty aggressive .

  3. Sugamasta says:

    IQ 168 dhfgjhdjds lmao okay but isn’t it a bit too much! I’m loving this so far

  4. DyingtobeinKorea says:

    This feels like is has a Thomas Crown Affair vibe with a twist lol

  5. paradox.of.fate says:

    You know you have been watching too many kdramas when you notice-same library as KO, same Harvard sweater as Dong Gu in EW, and the same rooftop as Uncomfortable life. lol Forgot that EW used the same table as KO too. ;)

  6. DemonLordie says:

    did he just spin a fidget spinner? moreover it was shaped as a star!? I smell you’re beautiful vibesss