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Episode 24 Engsub

Korean Drama Switch Ep 24 With English Subtitles Download and Watch Online .

Episode TitleEpisode 24 Engsub

Synopsis of Switch Ep 24

You can download Switch Ep 24 with english subtitles in 720p(HD) quality and download the subtitle in srt form. Raw episode is uploaded first and eng subs are added in few hours. Please bookmark our site for regular updates.

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  1. drama lover says:

    The death of the father was not convincing

  2. paradox.of.fate says:

    thought that towards the end if would be both of them working together to pull the best con yet? Maybe still?

    • maria jacinto says:

      I guess the best is yet to come, Sa Do Chan solo flight will slay the devil Grizzly.

  3. Ronald Harrington says:

    I can’t believe a former police detective took down the “world’s best con man” and “my IQ is 186 (168)……do you know the prerequisite for being a cop in a Kdrama is? Can he breathe without a resperator? Great, he’s a cop!!! 186 the left foot of my great Aunt Fanny………Did you hear Ha Ra, “I shouldn’t have sent him alone, it’s a trap!” Noooo, you mean the Con man pretending to be a prosecutor who was almost killed twice, and got bribed by a not too bright secretary????? On the most important case of your career?? That’s who you are referring to?????? Why did I have to go over 20 episode of this? So disappointed in myself……

    • Gidget Lim says:

      TGIF Master RH,.. I feel you …… we have to think this is KDRAMALAND so our brains will not accept or understand it quite well …..the storyline failed ..Aigoo

    • paradox.of.fate says:

      Lmao appreciate the fact that you still gave credit even if it might have been a bad case of dyslexia from me. lol
      Hang in there, seriously what else is there? Ok I did watch “Stranger” the last 2 days which wasn’t bad, Otherwise you’ll be holding your breath til the new arrivals show up? hehe