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Episode 17 Engsub

Korean Drama Wok of Love Ep 17 With English Subtitles Download and Watch Online .

Episode TitleEpisode 17 Engsub

Synopsis of Wok of Love Ep 17

You can download Wok of Love Ep 17 with english subtitles in 720p(HD) quality and download the subtitle in srt form. Raw episode is uploaded first and eng subs are added in few hours. Please bookmark our site for regular updates.

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  1. Sivapriya says:

    Wow! The OST in the begining is soo good!!

  2. paradox.of.fate says:

    Dang, I was confused when we kissed. Now i know I want the other guy even though I’m married. Lmao My comment kinda sounds like someone you know @ronald_harrington:disqus ??

  3. 문성희 says:

    Gosh the love triangle is going to be heartbreaking but because of the bromance. I love Junho and Jangsuk’s chemistry their character seemed to have developed mutual respect for each other. Wonder how this is going to work once both men figured they like the same woman. Honestly, I’m feeling bad for Chil Seong already, he really liked her from the start. Ahh at this point I don’t know who I want Sae Woo to end up with.

  4. xxxsolace says:

    I repeat the scene where she told poong she’s divorce so many times, the scene is too cute why am i blushing. His reaction, his eyes is way too cute.