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Episode 6 Engsub

Korean Drama Wok of Love Ep 6 With English Subtitles Download and Watch Online .

Episode TitleEpisode 6 Engsub

Synopsis of Wok of Love Ep 6

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  1. ThenAgain... says:

    So that cancer was a red herring? It’s the horse with cancer… she’s just over dramatic…

  2. Amary09 says:

    I just fell in love with the fire in Chef’s eyes…….

  3. drama lover says:

    Got that jangyhuk want to make his mens better but Junho right too he need pp in kitchen
    The preview seems interesting i think we’ll get deep drama based on the new caracteres

  4. paradox.of.fate says:

    The tats are cool, loved they the initiated him by giving him wings and a ladle. lol XD

    • Tracy Smith says:

      Its a cool tattoo I’m just wondering how he feels about itbecause he can’t get ride of it and it is partly a brotherhood sign in the end he kind of belongs to them now like family . I assume they will get closer he will need more stuff when he becomes more popular and he needs someone protecting his restaurant against this evil guy

  5. Ceckiz Gzz says:

    The new team seems to be a killer one.

  6. JustMe says:

    Question for all: do tattoos have a bad stigma in korea?

  7. PandaQueenJ says:

    It was the HORSE!!!! I feel bad for the horse:(((( we were all focused on her having cancer on the comments cant believe they deceived us lol. and those gangs are really annoying they should listen to him if they want to learn and cant believe he didn’t say anything about the tattoo I would’ve been angry to death lol:))) he really needs a new staff….

    • Tracy Smith says:

      that’s why I didn’t overreact ;-) lol well her horse was her whole life so if he dies it is like a part of her dies. I am surprised they kicked all of the guys out but I saw why they wanted the other characters in I am just wondering what job the gang will do now and you are right if they wanted to learn they should have listen to him.

      • PandaQueenJ says:

        I think they will still work with him by learning from the new team lets see what will happen :)….

    • Tracy Smith says:

      I am surprised too It is a extremly huge tattoo its nothing you can hide anymore .

  8. Letícia Moreira says:

    “Look up to the stars (…)” aka to the gangsters?? It’s a way of interpretation lmao