Borg Mom


1 Seasons 18 Episodes

Borg Mom


1 Borg Mom

Korean Drama Borg Mom With English Subtitles Download and Watch Online .

Original name보그맘

Synopsis of Borg Mom

Choi Go-Bong works in the field of artificial intelligence. His wife died 7 years ago after giving birth to their son Choi Yool. Choi Go-Bong then developed a borg mom using AI and robotics. Choi Yool enters a prestigious kindergarten and the borg mom meets the other mothers there. The mothers group is full of vanity and pretentiousness.

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Firt air date
Last air date2017-10-06
Episode runtime60 min
TV StatusEnded


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  1. DyingtobeinKorea says:

    What’s with the themed 8 episode shows?? Is this a new trend now?

    • Zam Well says:

      its a web drama i think.. theres a lot of it.. and sometimes i enjoy watching that kind of themed drama… do you know “the day after we broke up” God.. its so good!

      • DyingtobeinKorea says:

        Oh yes that’s right I heard it was a web drama and I forgot about it. I hated “the day after we broke up” I can’t stand L’s acting especially now after the Ruler Master of The Mask

        • Zam Well says:

          i’m fine with L in the day after we broke up.. he can be not to serious in acting since its only a short run drama.. but in Ruler… i really like its only up to 8th episode since its a 2 parter..

    • Zam Well says:

      but i noticed its an hour per episode… so this will be good i think..

      • DyingtobeinKorea says:

        I will wait for two ep’s to watch as I usually do. I like watching back to back :)

        • Zam Well says:

          cant bring myself where the the children are acting like adult… but i do like the cyborg thing but not on the running fast effect XD it feels weird, ..

  2. Supriya Ramesh says:

    when is the second episode being released?

  3. Mahdia says:

    Is it worth it?

  4. Sarah Limbong says:

    when is the next episode realesed?

  5. jessica.gupta says:

    Yeah I thought so too