Woman of Dignity

품위있는 그녀

1 Seasons 20 Episodes

Woman of Dignity


1 Woman of Dignity

Korean Drama Woman of Dignity With English Subtitles Download and Watch Online .

Original name품위있는 그녀

Synopsis of Woman of Dignity

Woo A-Jin lives a luxurious life due to her wealthy father-in-law, but her father-in-law’s finances become decimated and her husband betrays her. Woo A-Jin’s life hits rock bottom. Park Bok-Ja is a mysterious woman and she hides her heartbreaking story. She brings about fierce hardship on Woo A-Jin.

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Release Year
Firt air date
Last air date2017-07-08
Episode runtime60 min
TV StatusEnded


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  1. Miyaki H says:

    My two beautiful heroines in 1 drama since both of them been debuted together 18 years ago in ‘Forever Yours’. Definitely, this is my supported drama for them. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/765cf585784b1176ce9e3dd3e31e6aaa7b3ffcff66f48246e04c3a1f8a12ce36.jpg

  2. vixter says:

    eum lets not. thanks, bye.

  3. llt says:

    This break up seems odd even under the circumstances.

  4. drama lover says:

    Oh that end painful but right u Can feel the akwardness abd forcing laughter not that they don’t like each other anymore but there is a wall need to be Taken Care of

  5. JustMe says:

    My pooorr hearttttt :'( :'( like i get jiwook’s feelings but if he loved bonghee he’d trust her AND her feelings for her dad. What terrible reason to be on a break. And i say on a break because i refuse to believe they broke up.

  6. FreeSpirit says:

    Knew she was going to say that but the whole date and ost just made me really emotional ??

  7. paperheart says:

    I’m crying!!!!! That ending broke my heart T_____T She wanted to spend a little more time with him before breaking up ;;;; I hope they can find the person who started that fire, so they can get back together!!!

  8. Mina says:

    Please don’t do that ?? look at jiwok face
    My ????

  9. Ricky Matthews says:

    Not another break up in a drama why do these dramas get me so worked up I’m gonna have to see what’s going to happen when I get back from work ??

  10. lychee says:

    I think it’s really important to watch a drama with an open mind.. yes breaking up happens in a lot of dramas and so it may seem predictable but honestly psychologically before a break up u will try as much as u can to save the relationship but during these efforts if the problem overwhelms the distraction ur trying to cover it with, then there is little hope for the relationship… and honestly what bong hee did was very understandable. In the car Wook is arguing with her about an arson case and whether she should sympathise with someone that could ‘potentially’ have been wrongly accused as if its in her nature to defend ‘criminals’ because to his knowledge her father is a criminal (so according to him all her life she has only done this, so he’ll be amazing and understand her situation and correct her) and this is something very disgusting; it’s really bad because on the one hand he loves her but he loves her on the condition that she might have empathetic tendencies towards criminals in general. He has distanced himself from her so noticeably whilst claiming they should only think about themselves. This is such a toxic and unhealthy relationship rn that primarily and most important BH does not deserve, yes Wook doesnt either but he made a conscious decision not to let the information that BH’s father is the arsonist that avenged his father, get in the way of their relationship but he has been unable to stop judging and dismissing her views on this arson case, he has been unable to show any unconscious affection to BH, so much so BH had to suffer these expressions from him the day after they slept together.

    I sincerely hope the next ep doesnt come up with them reversing on this step to break up. I think they need to distance themselves whilst this is real and damaging to their psychology.. I know a lot of people will say they should talk it through.. but there are some social queues that this particular situation does not provide.. there is no way you can say ‘hey ur treating me like a criminal, i’ve noticed it and it seems u think my father is in some way involved with ur parents death and this is unfair since i was so sensitive to even sharing the story of my fathers death with you and you should have at least asked about that first’

  11. paradox.of.fate says:

    Oooohhhhhh noooooo!! Dang not another breakup. :(