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Episode TitleEpisode 9 Engsub

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  1. Chatelaineces says:

    They have really heightened this Korean version of Mother. The suspense element is so well played.

  2. nelo says:

    I don’t understand why the crap of a man feels the need to find Haena… I don’t feel the need for so much screen time for him either….

    • Jd says:

      Because she knows too much. His intention is to kill her because she knows that he killed that little boy.

      • nelo says:

        But it’s not like Haena can go to the police with this info because she is technically also hiding from them…
        The boy’s mother also knows the real reason for the child’s death but he isn’t killing her is he? And she is a more serious threat than Haena

        Doesn’t make sense to me…

        • booboop says:

          Hye Na could be hiding but not from the police. Her testimony, if ever presented to court, is proof enough to convict the psycho. Even if she’s just a minor she’s still a credible witness. She knew how he killed the boy. She could also narrate how he abused her. The boy’s mother is less threat to him because he holds her by the neck and she seems head-over-heels to the jerk! It would only take enough courage to put him to jail, but that’s if she isn’t dead yet.

          • nelo says:

            … what have you been watching?

            First of, she IS hiding from the police because they would not only return her to her abusive mother (or child care services) but would also arrest Sujin.

            And the mother I am referring to is not Heana’s mother but the dead boy’s mom….
            Although Haena has proof that she was abused (the pictures) her mom made sure to tell the police that it was all her doing and not the psycho’s. She(haena) also has no proof of the cause of death of the boy. This means her testimony can be thrown out as hearsay. The mother on the other hand has a recording of her conversation with the man which kinds of have him admitting to getting rid of the boy (clearly showing motive). And the mother is more likely to have motive of her own to get revenge for the boy than haena…. this is what I meant when I said haena is actually less of a threat…..

          • booboop says:

            Thanks for the reply.

    • Christina Carrington (chrissy) says:

      Thank you

  3. Mihael Keehl says:

    Romantic drama are boring these days. This drame is great. It becomes more and more sad.

  4. DyingtobeinKorea says:

    wow that woman should have never had children smfh people like her should be stripped of birthing rights!!! Leaving your child home alone while you go on vakay is beyond wrong for words, and beyond abuse!!! You piece of shit!! You call yourself human?? Go crawl somewhere dark and dingy and die would you!!!

  5. jennyaurora says:

    hyena’s words to her mom were brutal. Damn that hit my chest, but she deserves it. she was a shit mother, putting her needs and happiness before her child’s. I know that she deserves to be happy but not at the expense of her daughter’s childhood and life.

    • Maya12 says:

      She is the worst. Okay her ex boyfriend left her and she had to raise Hye Na she was young and when she met the psycho she felt different but to only look for her daughter to keep him sane is disgusting. She doesn’t care about her daughter’s happiness all she cares about is not wanting to be alone

    • paradox.of.fate says:

      Damn straight!

  6. paradox.of.fate says:

    Yoon Bok’s level a maturity exceeds most adults, especially her own mama! Unfortunately she was forced to be an adult even as a child being left alone for several days. omfg!! I was that same child sitting at the top of the stairs sobbing while my parents decided to divorce, so watching her tears flow crushed me that she had to hear that yet another family/person didn’t want her. OMFG! I’m so ticked off!

  7. paperheart says:

    That episode was just wow.. the birth mom is too faced. how are you gonna tell your child that you need her and you’ll do this and that, but then when she left, she didn’t hesitate to give her up to Soojin, she’s just a mess!! she should’ve just gave Hyena for adoption, if she knew she wasn’t ready for motherhood :/ i cried so much when Soojin’s adoptive mom gave up her right to be her mom TT and I had a feeling Yoonbok would feel guilty and think it’s her fault and run away;;;; also can someone just lock up that crappy bf urgh. i cant wait for the next episode!!

  8. reppinGAalways says:

    this show is so good and i like this version a little more than the original, it doesn’t even seem that long since i started watching it and it’s almost over.

  9. kez says:

    So does this mean the guy only associates with women who are obviously emotionally distressed and dependant so that he can make the most out of the situation. I think his violent nature is probably due to his upbringing, but it doesn’t excuse his actions.

  10. Flowers Bloom says:

    I’m not really into drama genre but this drama really hit my heart.

  11. booboop says:

    Oh shoot, the jerk knew exactly what a woman needs because he’s been wandering with married women!!! He’s a pro.