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  1. Tracy Smith says:

    So they are using a woman to empower a man? They use her as a coy so that he can shine with his smartness . Not sure if I like this drama if they keep using her to make him look good

    • Rina says:

      I really hate that. I was hoping for strong and smart female lead but now I’m so disappointed with her. How could they have made a PROSECUTOR this childish and emotionally unstable (???). She seems so unprofessional and I’m blaming the writers. Of course, male lead need to be perfect, though… I’m afraid I’m going to drop this.

      • Tracy Smith says:

        why would you see her as childish? she did noticed the pills and had her theory and answers but they made him destroying her answers for making him look as the smartest person in the room. so it doesn’t mean she isn’t smart or childish they just destroyed her by making him shine

        • Rina says:

          I find her overly emotional reactions childish, the way she demands answers and acts around people at work – for example with detective… Of course I don’t say she is stupid! I just can’t comprehend how someone in her position can act like this at work, not in private… But it’s just my opinion :3

          • Tracy Smith says:

            maybe a little bit but I feel like it is her frustration because people are working against her . And it is fact that she has no power aka no connections and people are walking over her . its her way to fight against it like this stupid drinking game this society is created for dominance and evil and when you don’t play along people less emotional run over you . We have an ice cold emotional doctor who likes only facts and an emotional prosecutor who is looking behind the story. This woman killed herself but because she was abused and her husband did beat her up but because he has money nobody would help her so she killed herself and her baby. So of course our girl is frustrated because her husband is still a women abuser who will abuse the next wife but the doc gives a f*** because he had the facts that she killed herself . There are two realities in it the truth and the moral correctness

          • paradox.of.fate says:

            I didn’t see anyone working against her? Besides a lying defendant which is expected. The Dr thought he did his job, as well as the det. But all of it is sloppy. Feels like the writer/s didn’t know enough about one subject so it jumps quite a bit. Have yet to see the Det even investigate anything? Let’s hope it all tightens up and these actors get to show what they are capable of.

          • Tracy Smith says:

            No the writers have a plan and it is to Sabotage her work . they gave her the pills and foot but they wanted the doc to jump out and destroy it with his brilliant work so yeah they know what they are doing they are using her to show off his work . They created this double character she is not the hero in his story he is .He has to shine so therefore she has to make mistakes so he can destroy her work with his Brillanz . It is working against er because the concept is that he proves her wrong he is the one who always proves her wrong because he is smarter than a woman . they are using her to show his talent . its all about him being the master investigator who reads bodies than anyone else. Although in this case he may found out that the woman killed herself but he also let a criminal go because he did in fact beat up his wife so if he didn’t show up her work would have put a monster in jail but her we have a war between morally right and just cold hard facts and the writers let the cold facts win . so he will lose the next case as well she will show us the morally right path but he will prove that the evil sister didn’t kill him for money and greed although they partly did plan it.

          • Tracy Smith says:

            It is all to make Him win the case. She is not the main character he is. To make him shine she has to fail. He has to correct her so she has to make mistakes otherwise he can’t jump in to show her how wrong she is. it is all planned .

      • Tae says:

        She could have asked for a recess to hear what the doctor had found before putting him on the stand, I guess she was over confident or we can just say it was a rookie mistake. I would have liked it if she could keep a lid on her emotions but maybe the writer is trying to shutter a stereotype. Showing that you can also be a prosecutor as childish and as emotional as you may be.

        For some their ambition drives them with her, her emotions drive her to seek justice. Wearing down a witness can also be used as a tactic to get the truth out them, as seen with the douche husband.

        On another note, I really hope she doesn’t end up falling for grumpy gramps.

        • Tracy Smith says:

          The lawyer of the husband got the doctor not her. she had nothing to do with him coming in

          • Tae says:

            The defense lawyer called him first but second time around she called him, to say who’s prints were found on the pills.

          • Tracy Smith says:

            well we still can argue that she is on the morally right side. He beat up his wife like I said the writers want her to lose every case on morally ground to make cold facts win every the . the doc will destroy all her cases because he will present cold facts but are they morally right ? The justice system doesn’t care that he beat her up and threw her down the stairs and her body was covered with bruises all they care is that she killed herself not the man who abused her for year . The doc will keep destroying her this is all the writers plan to make him look good and his cold facts being the truth not her morally correct truth . mortal is worthless only facts count so she will always lose because she wants what is morally right and he will present her the cold facts which destroy her moral

          • Tae says:

            What she needed to do was run a full investigation, find full facts & then lay a proper charge on the douche husband. Continous aggravated assult that caused wife’s mental breakdown leading to suicide. The maids testimony would have helped cement this charge.

            I blame the writers because they are the ones that messed up. EVERYONE is being dummed down to make doc look good, it’s not just the FEMALE prosecutor. Examples, dude taking pics f’d up, detective doesn’t really do any detecting, so everyone is being dummed down regardless of gender.

          • Tracy Smith says:

            true they don’t let anyone else do their work . I would like to see some detective work. but yeah it looks like it is all about the docs work. they put extrem work into the bodies . they make it as realistic as possible they put all their energy into his investigation so he does the investigation not her its not her job to do a good job its his work to do a good job thats what they focus on so complaining about her being to emotional etc is wrong because the focus is only on him

          • Tae says:

            It is her job to have all the facts before charging a person with anything. She has to base all her arguments on facts & evidence found. She acted prematurely, but again not her fault, writers fully to blame.

            I think the latest writing trend is to insult the viewers intelligence. But like someone said before it’s still early, let’s keep watching things may change.

          • Tracy Smith says:

            I said she may show her intelligence later on because the classmate said she was the smartest but after all the negative comments about her I figured out they want her to fail . She is not the main character if she investigate correctly what job does the doc have ? he would become useless but they want him to come out and show his work so the reality is it is his investigation he is doing the deep investigation and therefore she has to do half work so he can do the full investigation not her it will never be her job because he has to do the deep work and to be honest he does so being mad at her is pointless because it was the goal from the writers to make him shine to begin with

          • Tracy Smith says:

            don’t expect her to do the deep work because it is HIS job. that is why the whole investigation of her is rushed because he has to come out and show that he did a deeper investigation on the body than she could on running around and asking people .It’s his show not hers

          • Tracy Smith says:

            beside a full investigation would do nothing she would have to admit that he didn’t kill her and there would be no case for the doc to shine so she had to give him space to jump out and destroy the case . the system wouldn’t help her anyway even if she investigated for years . as soon as she would have found out that the wife killed herself there is no murder case and there is no law to punish a wife beater so nothing would change if she worked harder

          • Tracy Smith says:

            what would it change if she kept investigating ? she would found out the wife killed herself so there would be no case . no case no story so the writers do use her leak of informations to make the doc look as the expert the master the genius . if they let her investigate the doc would lose his power over her aka power to shine and destroy her cases so she has to be incompetent make make him look professional

      • paradox.of.fate says:

        Feeling the same. It also seems to be all over the place. Not enough time spent on the investigations, which appear super sloppy and seems like the Dr is as scattered as the prosecutor?

        • Tracy Smith says:

          I think that is because they spend a lot of time on the bodies I mean wow so much details and it is not about her HE is the main character and HIS work is the key so they focus on HIM and she is just a toy for showing how amazing HIS work is . and they have no time letting her work because they show HIS amazing work not hers she is only useful to show his point that HE is right not the woman

    • drama lover says:

      In In opinion ofcourse he’ll be smarter because he is more experienced than her she just started but u Can see that he already have flaws thnx to her they determined the case as suicide also it’s just the second episode

  2. Schattendiebin says:

    I think I’m gonna stick around bc I really love Stephanie Lee … let’s see if next week’s episodes are better (re: “using Sol to empower the other dude”)

  3. paradox.of.fate says:

    The preview looks like this drama will be improving, maybe? Between the prosecutor screaming and now these 3 sisters I was hitting mute way too often this early in a drama. Wth?

  4. Ronald Harrington says:

    Well, the “best in NFS” is corrupt , along with the head prosecutor,
    but at least the writer is trying to be fresh…..kinda, sorta…..maybe..

    • Iwan Ridwan says:

      why they alwas make that the government and police are corrupt too, if they are always making them like that people will keep dont believe their own government

  5. ajul says:

    somehow if the trial like this happened in real life … wow, what a mess!

  6. Hari Priya says:

    Jun ki oppa too handsome!😋

  7. Sylv Blak says:

    This is supposed to be interesting but I think I’m gonna have high blood pressure soon. Both the male and female lead characters are too extreme, the forensics guy has an extreme trashy character, and female lead is extremely clueless.

  8. Diana Sonu says:

    hello! What`s the name of the song at 04:02? Thank you! :)