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Episode 32 Engsub

Korean Drama Switch Ep 32 With English Subtitles Download and Watch Online .

Episode TitleEpisode 32 Engsub

Synopsis of Switch Ep 32

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  1. paradox.of.fate says:

    Loved the ending, he’s so cute when he dances. :D Glad the gang remained, they brought the entertainment to this drama. Enjoyed the drama, kamsahamnida!

    • Ronald Harrington says:

      Great drama, but I guess the tonic cured the prosecutors “terminal” inoperable llness, that he was going to kill himself for because there was no hope…….hallelujah, miracle!!!!

      • paradox.of.fate says:

        Hahaha, he had surgery silly. But my comment was going to be “I admit to murder” then he casually walks out of the court room….Whaaaaat? lol The second half assured me it wasn’t a total failure. ;)

        • Ronald Harrington says:

          I guess “inoperable” means different things here and Asia………I guess there it means “into the operation”

          • paradox.of.fate says:

            Lmao, maybe it was just a guess from the Dr? Now you now why it’s so important to get a second opinion. hahaha

          • Ronald Harrington says:

            Hahahaha….four I guess, that other doctor was top 3 remember….lol

          • paradox.of.fate says:

            Holmes, you’ve done it again. lol For the record, my button for the letter “k” on my laptop doesn’t like me. Yes, I “k”now how to spell, but since Sherlocks on the case you’ve probably figured that out by now? :D

  2. Mashimaro says:

    Saranghae Jang Geun Suk 😘😘😘

  3. Nur Najwa Mashitah says:

    purfect ending.nomu chuaaaaa

  4. happystar says:

    It was a great ending. I thought for sure the crew split ways but it’s good that they reunited. I notice that a lot of 2018 dramas are taking out the romance, which is no problem of course but…the lead had such great chemistry throughout the drama. They were affectionate and caring towards each other. They joked like a couple and fought like one. I really thought there was going to be something and I waited, waited, and waited…Even until the last 5 minutes and nothing. I’m a little sad they didn’t get together, but the drama was still good overall.