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Episode 14 Engsub

Korean Drama Wok of Love Ep 14 With English Subtitles Download and Watch Online .

Episode TitleEpisode 14 Engsub

Synopsis of Wok of Love Ep 14

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  1. tasnim says:

    The second lead gets to kiss first?
    So the production team is on about getting viewers second lead syndrome. Or was it for rating purpose.
    Anyhow, all korean drama need to do this. Get the second lead to kiss first.

    • henna says:

      the first lead has already kissed her in the car in previous episode when she was saying lets have affair

    • DyingtobeinKorea says:

      Jang hyuk isn’t the 2nd lead both he and Junho are main leads. Just thought I’d throw my 2 cents in the mix even though someone has already commented

    • Peg02 says:

      No. Jun ho kissed her first (ep 11)

  2. Sivapriya says:

    Please let Jun Ho get the girl _/_

    • Gidget Lim says:

      He will get the Girl …..I am pretty sure:)

      • JadedForeignDramasAngel says:

        He will…look at the preview pics…lol And besides…Jang’s character has told her to never fall for a man like him. That’s the main cue that he knows he will not get the girl and the writer’s telling us he won’t….but there will be lots of cringing until he doesn’t.

    • rongtler lee says:

      He will get the girl he’s the main lead

  3. Gidget Lim says:

    OmO omo ….2 Men Hot Oppa and a Lady Ajumma …. Aigoo…. hehehehe

  4. paradox.of.fate says:

    Good gawd those sexy eyes…so nice to finally see them after hiding behind those shades. I hope she doesn’t break my mans heart before she finally decides to be with Jun-ho. I will be one mad mamba jamba! lol

  5. WeroNoYume says:

    I love both actors so much they make my heart flutter so much
    everything is so much
    I’m sweating

  6. niagirl says:

    Geez, she has chemistry with both leads.

  7. Flona says:

    oh god why are you letting my hopes up now? how can u let him kiss her ? and her be soo sweet to him? now i really want them to be together?!!! pleeeaaasseee let her end up with boss :(

  8. choi's says:

    actuall, i dislike drama when the female lead kiss both the first and second male lead. but since i’m on Mr. Light team, i hope my ship will sail

  9. Anne says:

    I’m curious, when chef and gang master know all kitchen staff come from lead actress home…. :D

  10. kez says:

    now this is what I call good writing. This drama’s episodes feel really short they should do a one hour and a half broadcast for each episode.*^^*

  11. JustMe says:

    So i guess ill just bask in the isle of neutrality until we find iut who she ends uo with. In either case, im satisfied. I just neeed a happy ending for all 3 jaebal

  12. Naru22 says:

    Why do I have the feeling that when later, she introduces junho as her boyfriend…. Her mom and followers wouldn’t accept him easily and give him a hard time… Haha 😂😂

  13. Whatsyourflavour says:

    The person who acts the mum also acts the old lady that sells the gum too