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  1. malee says:

    12:01 OH MY GOD is this another Uncontrollably Fond?

    • ✨Drama Queen✨ says:

      I don’t know but I hope not 😢

    • Shanshan.s.d says:

      Funny you said that I’m actually hoping that it’s not another temperature of love

      • malee says:

        in Uncontrollably Fond the main lead died of cancer (ironically the actor also has cancer) leaving the viewers heartbroken

        I dont want the same thing to happen here

        • malee says:

          “First, I think I need to talk about my current condition which is what you are curious about the most. Back in May, I was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer, an illness I’ve never heard of,” he went on sharing. “Thanks to all of your support and prayers, I have successfully completed 3 chemotherapy sessions in addition to undergoing radiation therapy a total of 35 times. I was able to withstand it all while reading everybody’s encouraging messages on the fan cafe. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

          Woo Bin said that “he’s gradually recovering after safely receiving treatment and going for follow-up testing.” He added, “I’ve also been taking strolls from time to time and eating meals on a regular basis, and I feel that I’m gradually getting better. However, I think it will take some more time for me to greet you all. … Through this opportunity, I will take extra care of my health and work hard to only deliver good news.”

          “I pray only the good will happen in the new year for everyone and their families who are going through a difficult time right now. I hope 2018 is only filled with happiness, and I hope all is healthy. One day, I’ll come back healthily as if nothing happened. I always appreciate you guys. Thank you. I love you,” he concluded the letter. —kimwoobin

          • paradox.of.fate says:

            Thanks for the good news. He’s been on my mind wondering how he’s been holding up. Made my day. TY!

    • Tracy Smith says:

      I don’t think so . I only worry about how the two men get along it is a bit sad because they could be good friends but looks like they felt for the same girl

      • malee says:

        dude she is DYING
        and are you worried about BROMANCE?

        • Tracy Smith says:

          maybe because nobody dies in movies . we see so many ppl get shot and get into car crashes and survive so I got used to see them all alive . I think the last movie were the main character died was woo bin having brain cancer and he really got one in real life so lets pray our girl will heal soon . It would be jinxed if she dies in the drama and then get cancer in real life as well.

  2. malee says:

    12:38 made me cry :'(

  3. malee says:

    I cant watch this
    I wil come here on July 10th ( the last ep)
    and read the comments

    and probably watch this drama

  4. katy says:

    I am gonna love this drama…

  5. PandaQueenJ says:

    i really like the drama but cancer….

    • Tracy Smith says:

      well I saw a study that 1/10 has or will have cancer so I think many ppl have someone who died because of cancer

      • PandaQueenJ says:

        Yes i know its common but there is some type of dramas that make it look forced. For example uncontrollably fond was really good and it wasn’t forced at all. i was happy because this drama looked fun with humor which is what i need right now i hope they can make the story look natural and not forced.

        • Tracy Smith says:

          I think it will continue being fun. I was upset with UF because I thought she would tell his story and his life but there was nothing about it like there was almost nothing he did what was fun for him in his last days . I expect him enjoying his last months to the fullest but there was nthing in it he was just mourning and hidding and suffering . I washoping he would make good memories in the end. I feel like our lady overcomes this depressing phase somehow her horse seems to be her everything her energy source . was it a he ? he means everything to her . I was surprised she could walk around a city with a horse and nobody cared beside it would stressout the horse all the noise and no food no rest they went totally against her wish of him being happy and healthy by putting the horse in a stressful enviroment . I know she doesn’t want to sell him but what is her plan ? living on the street with a horse ? I didn’t fully get her situation I know her dad is in trouble but is she homeless now ? and it is kind of selfish to let the horse suffer just because she suffers now. why did she choose to harm her horse as well which she loved soooooo much ? It is obviously not the right enviorement for a horse . what was her plan ? to walk around until she dies so somebody forcefully take the horse away toa shelter or sells it after her death ?

          • PandaQueenJ says:

            In UF I wanted them to spent more time together but there was so many things going on and he just died suddenly but the reason that I liked it was the whole story was about him having cancer not like some other dramas that put cancer without focusing on it that’s why it feels forced. And I agree with you about the horse I felt bad for him it reminded me of the American series 2 broke girls where the girl did something similar to the horse and I don’t think she became homeless if she became homeless then what happened to her mother maybe they made her walk with horse for comedy? there is so many questions I hope that the next episode will answer all of them or at least half of them lol

          • Tracy Smith says:

            I loved WooBin he put a lot of charm and love into his character but I partly disagree . Yes they did show him being sick and breaking down but then they moved on and he acted like nothing was wrong so you didn’t see the care he deserved , you knew he is sick but beside few break downs they hide it from us as well . So we didn’t get the full struggle .He wanted to pretend he is ok but unfortunatly didn’t use his time to enjoy life . I wished they would show his lifes work. She was supose to do a docomuntary about his life but we saw nothing about it I had no idea what she was doing all the time beside argueing with him in the begining but she didn’t do any research to portrait his life they only showed a clip or two what suppose to be his lifes story . Yeah maybe I expected more from it and not him just dying . To be fair I know no film in any form which shows a illness in full lenght , they spent few mins in hospitals , even dying is right away what I heard is a person doesn’t die after a shot into his body . the same goes for babies . they don’t come out clean and in seconds lol yeah its what movies did to us they have a limited time so they gave as wrong images of real life . To be fair I would be even stronger than our girl , they did show how desperate she is and worried and hurt and scared all I would want with such a diagnose is no pain , as long I have no pain I don’t care if I die or not and if I am only in pain let me f*** die and not struggle for years in a bed

          • PandaQueenJ says:

            I really like kim woo bin too I really felt weird isn’t it a weird coincidence that he had cancer after acting in a drama about cancer I was worried but hearing that he is healing made me relieved the drama made me frustrated a lot of times they really argued a lot like he was dying he should have made good memories with her at the end she will be sad about his death anyway I liked the drama in general but I do think it could have been better well I prefer not being too detailed because when I look at every detail I don’t enjoy the drama… I think you have a strong personality I actually would spent a few days in a really bad state but then I would just do anything that I want to instead of spending my time feeling bad about myself and just die without doing anything.I really think its because we humans are selfish that’s why even if they are in pain we prefer to have them by our sides so a lot of times its the choice of their family not their choice…

        • Tracy Smith says:

          by the way does she believe her fiance ran away without knowing he betryed her dad ? it at least looked like he sold her dad out .

          • PandaQueenJ says:

            ikr I was thinking about the same thing he looked like he planned everything but they didn’t show us anything maybe in next eps they will tell us what actually happened I don’t think they will leave it like this

  6. Tracy Smith says:

    Does anyone think there is a backstory to this 2 ? I had a strange feeling when he wanted to make her something to eat a day before her wedding . I know his not want to be wife broke up with him but it felt more like he saw something in her he wanted to protect . I am not sure if it is the acting or the character but it feels like there is sincere care its like non verbal communication it feels like he really cares about her

    • malee says:

      the main chef didn’t want to sell anything off the menu, his priority is principles( he didnt care when the food was too spicy for Koreans)
      but Seo Poong’s priority was customer satisfaction.
      he used alcohol and fire to reduce the spiciness of food for which the main chef was annoyed. at that moment only he remembered her request. therefore to annoy the main chef and satisfy his customer(she starved all day) AND prove a point he decided to cook something off the menu.

      but because of a funny incident he couldnt prove it

      and yes the moment he spread his arm and asked the gangsters to exclude the woman prove what you said

  7. Athena Gliddon says:

    This is a great set up. I am hooked and can’t wait for next week. All of the main characters (on the protagonist side) are interesting.

  8. 알라라 says:

    who is going to be the couple? the girl and the cheated on cook or the girl and the gangster? judging from the picture its the cook

  9. alaa says:

    yes cancer is very common those days but does it have to be in every fucking drama . just cant u think of cancer patients who wants to have a rest at least while watching.. it may be easy for u to just make the character have cancer but it breaks our heart.whenever they want to kill a character they diagnose it with cancer. many treatments are there now for cancer ,it has become curable. just stop hurting ppl .for ppl now cancer has become the same as hearing the death call while in reality there is hope.JUST STOP IT KDRAMAS. i’m dropping this fucking drama.

    • shaco sleepwalker says:

      Wait who got cancer ???
      I really dont watch when a fav character got cancer .
      They kill the hope out of the drama ..
      spoiler needed …

  10. paradox.of.fate says:

    Her trying to get over that rail was almost as funny as Jang Hyuk trying to get on the fake horse. Rofl. This is going to be fun!!

  11. ThenAgain... says:

    Sheesh – He took the guys wife – did he have to ruin his career too? Seriously, can’t you leave him with something?

  12. Ray Silvestre Biñas says:

    I can’t wait anymore fr another episode T_____T the struggle of watching ongoing dramas

  13. WeroNoYume says:

    oh noo i thought this was a funny dramaa
    why they put terminal illnesses everywhere in drama? omg nooo