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Korean Drama Wok of Love Ep 8 With English Subtitles Download and Watch Online .

Episode TitleEpisode 8 Engsub

Synopsis of Wok of Love Ep 8

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  1. sonia bhukal says:

    Our Poong is in love

  2. paradox.of.fate says:

    and the triangle starts early. lol

  3. ThenAgain... says:

    I don’t want gangster oppa to end up with the girl…but I also don’t want that adorable hunk to end up on his own. Jang Hyuk is too pitiful when he acts sad. For the sake of my future heartache, I hope he ends up with somebody.

  4. just a fan says:

    Its kinda cozy and nice drama cant wait for more

    • Iwan Ridwan says:

      yeah…. SBS romance drama is usually like that
      idkw they are just feel light and lively…very enjoyable to watch.. different than KBS and MBC

  5. Asymmetric says:

    I…don’t really like the main guy ( I like the actor but not his character here) I mean he’s always yelling constantly as if he wants people to hear him when he himself doesn’t want to listen.

    • JustMe says:

      I think this character was needed for the plot and he’ll surely change with character development… junho is a bit too good at playing the wounded puppy. Hahaha

  6. JadedForeignDramasAngel says:

    OMO I have not hollered this much and wiped so many tears since early Waikiki epis ……that $1000 gum tho and that bashful finger….. I’m so dead laughing…..

    • JustMe says:

      The humor is different than waikiki, but the chemistry among the actors here is just as good. Looking forward for more!

      • JadedForeignDramasAngel says:

        Yes, this has a more adult themed humor…and the chemistry is great. Jang Hyuk is like one of my first favorites so I can’t help but enjoy his silliness.. Hope it keeps going strong.

  7. Anne says:

    Jun ho’s acting is good, he can do his best for each drama, what I saw..hope he and the main actress can get together in this drama, not the money lending man. Anyway, this drama shows well about making Chinese food, it makes so interest..

  8. PandaQueenJ says:

    when they started screaming at each other lol they will kill me from laughing:)))))))))))))))) I like the comedy here… poong is falling in love really easily he just called his ex few mins ago he probably didn’t love his ex and just dated her because of her father. I don’t like that she is waiting her husbands call it is really obvious that he left her she should just divorce after punching him he acted like he is in love with her but at this hard time he is not even calling her….

    • Tracy Smith says:

      I am not sure if he is isn’t in jail . they showed him with his head down following some guys so he possible can’t even call her. Well it is hard to believe someone you loved and wanted to marry betrayed you. they knew each other for years wasn’t it even childhood ? so to believe he just left out of nowhere must be hard

      • PandaQueenJ says:

        I dont think he is in jail he looked like he runaway so he wont have to deal with her well i dont want to judge quickly 😂
        You are right it will be hard for her to believe that he betrayed her because she loved him… i want to see what really happened with her husband did he runaway? where is he now?

      • ThenAgain... says:

        I think her husband might have gave evidence against his father in law to save himself. But that’s just a guess…

        • Tracy Smith says:

          right I get the same feeling but why was his head down and it looked like he was captured as well at least it looked to me as if he followed the guys which would be some sort of cops

    • Tracy Smith says:

      I don’t think he falls in love to easy . he tried to run away and even said he was scared the sentence from his cookie would come true so he was trying to push her away . I do think he loved her , he saw the signs but tried to keep her . it was his mistake to try to force marriage on her but now he feels remorse and anger because he sees he accepts that he was betrayed all this years and kept his eyes close although he had all the signs around him

      • PandaQueenJ says:

        I thought that he was going to start to like her after a few eps so for me it was a lil bit fast but its not that im complaining and about his ex he talked about her father when he was breaking up with her so i thought that it might be something other than love…maybe he dated her just for her father and thought that it was love lol im not sure.

        • Tracy Smith says:

          maybe I am wrong but I think it was because she was unthankful he helped her to become a doc paid the bills and she leaves him for the guy who kicked him from his dream job where he worked for years to make it successful. I think it was complaining how she throws all his work he done away. I think her dad needed help . he took care of them all with no complains because his goal was to become a great chef and a good husband all got destroyed. he even cooked for her co-workers for hours and this bitch threw it away. I think it was love but he irgnored the signs of her evilness because he was in love and that is also why he was afraid to fall in love with the next girl because he goes all in wit all his heart

  9. Elveol says:

    So warm and cute drama.

  10. Qisthine says:

    oh no.. i love to ship sae woo with mr. light😥

  11. Jo_HistoryBuff says:

    i dont see Jun-ho and Hyuk being the 1st and 2nd lead or vise versa. they somehow lead on their own.. :D watching this at first coz of Hyuk actually (a bit slow pace since most of the time his characters are field with intense emotion) but then i remember again how i love Ryeo-won’s smile and im hooked again (lol)..i havent seen Jun-ho in any tv series before but i could see he’s doing just fine in acting. Here i dont care though whoever Sae woo ends up with.. :) or maybe she ends up with no one at all… :P

    • Leeha says:

      U should watch just between lovers its sooooo good

    • Oh Hae Young 's Fan says:

      just between lovers is a drama drama but it’s great and juhno is great in chief kim…

      • Jo_HistoryBuff says:

        oh lordie, i didnt realize he was there..! well, i guess ive got to say ive seen him already. and i didnt like him in Chief Kim.. haha..! but yah he’s good in his characters.. :D