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Episode 9 Engsub

Korean Drama Wok of Love Ep 9 With English Subtitles Download and Watch Online .

Episode TitleEpisode 9 Engsub

Synopsis of Wok of Love Ep 9

You can download Wok of Love Ep 9 with english subtitles in 720p(HD) quality and download the subtitle in srt form. Raw episode is uploaded first and eng subs are added in few hours. Please bookmark our site for regular updates.

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  1. Elle says:

    Finally, we got to see his Jjajangmyeon.. Danggg..
    Jang Hyuk such a good actor. I could’ve believe he really is in love with her in real life. Those eyes at 26:32..

  2. tasnim says:

    Waiting for subs is so painful.

  3. newbooks says:

    I feel so sorry for him

  4. Noeme Calumba says:

    Our Poong is inlove😍😍

  5. paradox.of.fate says:

    Jang is so cute in if it’s puppy love.

  6. dutchessdioji says:

    Hold on … He’s just going to wash his face and not shower? Lol. What’s the reason for the sunglasses 24/7? He’s a hoot!
    Love the “Scareface” poster.

  7. Bsttsella says:

    lol whats with the knife removing scenes just remove the whole door and replace it

  8. Emy says:

    when you’re fasting but have to watch this

  9. Santi Rahayu says:

    i really hope the gang boss get the lead girl eventually. please…

  10. 5Zero4 says:

    Sucks that Mr. Light isn’t getting the girl. Watching him and her is like watching a high school guy having the hots for the girl who’s out of his league.

  11. Eli Silva says:

    Why wont it load😭😭