Snow In Sea Breeze

Snow In Sea Breeze

Snow is on the sea    

120min Drama

IMDB: 7.7/10 125 votes

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On a snowy night, little Seon-mi is diagnosed with hemopoietic dysplasia. Years pass and Seon-mi, who has now become an adult, has overcome her pain and is adjusting to the adult world. Having decided to use her talent to become a perfumer, she travels to many different places to collect various scents and spices to help people with their inner pains. She meets Sang-woo at an aquarium and is strongly drawn to his scent which reminds her of her father.

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    1. DyingtobeinKorea says:

      Thank you @officialdramahood:disqus

    2. Fülöp Anna Mária says:

      Thank you for uploading, but is there any possibility to improve the english subs? Sometimes even words of another language are in the subs as well.Thank you in advance.

    3. Mistersir Lii says:


    4. dietmntndew says:

      Bad ending. Not bc its sad but bc all throughout the movie it was melodramatic so you sort of get to predict how its gonna end. Also the opening scene gave away a lot.

    5. annet721 says:

      I loved the movie, but it is just too sad :( :(

    6. Amberle Samson says:

      *spoiler* prepare a lot of tissue. touching and poignant movie on love shared, but haizzz, I wasn’t prepared for the tears.

    7. paradox.of.fate says:

      My heart is so heavy….they had a beautiful love. If only everyone could feel that deep love at least once in their lifetime. It surprised me to find out her disease, because I lost my best friend to the same disease almost 8 years ago now. This film made me miss her, but also reminded me of the love and laughter we shared that wont ever be forgotten. Thank you for that reminder. T^T
      Gotta put it out there…this film only validates the need for a great lead actress to bring out the best in Park Hae-Jin. Tbh, makes me not want to finish Man to Man. The quality nor the chemistry even comes close to this love this couple endured in this film.

    8. Myrna Murphy says:

      Boy I was going to watch but I have a feeling she dies at the end and that made it a sad ending that everyone is saying they are crying!! To many sad things happening in the world, I’ll skip this one! Thanks for input!

    9. KDrama admirer says:

      Beautiful movie
      Bt the ending tho

    10. happystar says:

      The ending though,,,

    11. potatoe.1.23 says:

      wtf is up with that ending

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